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Microsoft Access FAQ

My Access FAQ

My 900SS and some links to other Ducati pages
My Ducati (Updated 23 Dec 1998)

Easynet Offer 2MB Free Web Space

My ISP (Easynet)

Midi Downloads!

Midi Downloads

(Download problem
fixed 18/01/1999)

IMHO The easiest and fastest way to search the web

Search the Web

All the software for Windows 95. Windows 98, Windows CE and Windows NT 4


You wanna go fast? You need to know this
A guide to GATSO,
other speed traps

Don't plague usenet with the same questions, see if it's been asked before
Deja News
The Usenet Archive

Loads an' loads of shareware and Freeware
Jumbo Shareware

The Simsons
The Simpsons

South Park
South Park


bollox to the censors